Do you want greater flexibility at work? Interim work could be the perfect fit for you!

Elisa Armiento CAREER ADVICE, Market Insight

Working as an interim lawyer can be an exciting and challenging way to take your career forward and can offer you flexibility that you might not have previously considered.

Interim work is great for lawyers of all levels of experience, who find themselves in between roles or taking some time off before they look for their next permanent role. It is also an extremely attractive option for lawyers who have recently returned from overseas and want to take some time to assess their career options.

There are many benefits for lawyers considering interim or short term contract work. It can provide lawyers from boutique and mid-tier firms a chance to work in a top-tier environment. Further, contract positions typically require an immediate start so you can start earning an income almost immediately. Interim work can offer the flexibility that you may not otherwise find in a permanent role, with greater work/life balance and little pressure. It can also provide the opportunity for individuals returning to work after long absences. 

Despite the uncertainty in the present market in the wake of Brexit and the US election, we are continuing to see demand from clients for interim lawyers qualified in Australia or abroad.

For overseas qualified lawyers relocating to Australia, interim work is a particularly appealing option. We often see overseas qualified lawyers relocating to Australia with the desire to practice in their specialty. Those who arrive on a permanent basis can sometimes find it quite difficult to secure a permanent role in their area of expertise, so they decide to re-qualify to improve their prospects. This is certainly beneficial; however re-qualification can be a lengthy and expensive process. We find that many lawyers in this situation enjoy being able to do short term contract work, where re-qualification or sponsorship is not required.  It can be an excellent chance to gain local experience, develop your networks and start earning an income almost immediately.

We take expressions of interest for short term work on an on-going basis.  Lawyers who are admitted in any jurisdiction with strong experience in any area of practice from a top-tier, mid-tier or boutique firm are in demand. Alternatively, lawyers with litigation experience can be particularly attractive to top tier law firms, who often have large scale litigation projects on the go.

If you would like to have a chat about your interim options in Australia, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email elisaarmiento@taylorroot.com.au or phone +613 8610 8400

Once you have registered, I will contact you when an assignment comes up. Assignments can be as short as a few days, up to several months.